Solar PanelsJuly 6, 2021by Creative M.Government Solar Panel Installation

Every year, more and more government solar panel installation systems are built all across the United States. Many local governments are now switching to solar because they understand the benefit of using this energy source.

As we all know, solar is a clean form of energy. The government encourages residents and business owners to switch to solar by offering tax credits and other incentives. The best way to encourage others to use solar is by beginning with themselves. Hence, the increase of solar panel installations in the government sector.

Solar Panel Installations Are Now Made Affordable

Gone are the days when solar power is only made for luxury homes and buildings. Compared to a decade ago, the cost of solar power installation has decreased by 90%. Therefore, it is very practical to start switching to solar right now. And the growth is evident with the dramatic increase in the number of solar installations in the United States.

This also makes it affordable for local governments to install solar on their buildings, schools, state and city colleges, and more.

In addition, there are other solar products the local government can take advantage of such as solar lights on roads and highways, parking spaces, community parks, and more.

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